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H&R Block Premium+E-file offers all of the tools needed for the average homeowner, and the taxpayer with investments like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, rental properties and more. It is also a great program for those looking to itemize their returns.

With HR Block software you don't need a background in accounting or tax preparation knowledge to prepare your taxes. HRBlock has implemented it's years of experience preparing taxes into their software packages to ensure a pleasant experience with your tax preparation.

The HR Block clean and easy to navigate interface allows easy user friendly navigation to make preparation as easy as possible. It's all guided by a step by step process that asks easy questions to guide you through you individual tax needs since everyone has variable requirements for their filing needs. Simply answer the questions in the HR Block interview process and your on your way to a process geared just for you. If you get stuck or confused just click the Learn More button that's conveniently placed on every screen for a deeper explanation of the section your working on.

While you can start your return without creating an account, in order for HRBlock to save your information and file the return, you have to create an account. Getting started without creating an account though, will give you an opportunity to see how easy the software is to use before you make your decision to commit to Products.

H&R Block Premium Edition continually audits your return checking for common errors which are presented back to you so that you can then quickly return to the section in question and make necessary changes.

With H&R Block Premium you can have a tax professional call you for a one-on-one phone call or correspond by e-mail if you have a issue you can't seem to figure out. It's the only tax software service that offers this at no extra charge.

Included is a comprehensive feature set that includes the ability to import tax or financial data from TaxCut Online, and TurboTax Software.

The service also has many features for future planning, including a Retirement Savings Enhancer and Tax Planning reports that can truly help you set yourself up better for retirement. Online videos and tutorials help you get the most out of your future planning.

H R Block has also added Worry-Free Audit Support through H&R Block when you purchase their software, so if you get audited, an H&R Block representative will guide you through any issues with the IRS, and represent you if so needed.

HRBlock also guarantees the calculations and that you will receive the maximum refund possible when using their software. If an error occurs, H&R Block will reimburse any IRS penalties and interest charges you are responsible for.

H&R Block Premium provides comprehensive tax information during each step of the process and you can quickly find answers to common tax questions from any screen.

Help is also available to update you and explain recent tax law changes and tax term definitions that are necessary to understand and be informed about. The Help Center on every screen will make it easy to find the top issues other preparers have experienced and how to get through them.

Plus on top of all the helpful multimedia there is a free one-time consultation with an H&R Block tax professional. This a is super feature should you find yourself stuck because of a unique tax situation you may be encountering.

The Premium Edition is an excellent tax product at a low price that is great for the homeowner, investor looking for a easy way to save money by doing their taxes themselves. It is available in a boxed software version for those who may not have an Internet connection or who want to file more than one return, or the Online Version. The boxed software includes DeductionPro and WILLPower, applications that will may be very useful to you.

Whether you choose the online or the boxed Cd or Download, H&R Block will make tax time a pleasant experience.